Historical & Ancient Ceramic Technology, Workshops, Demonstrations & Replicas
Neil Burridge: Bronze Age swords, axes, knives and much more.  Replicas, workshops and demonstrations.  Nothing quite like the excitement of seeing molten bronze poured into a mould to emerge as a quite literal, sword from the stone.  " In my work I strive to recreate the quality and elegance of the ancient bronze swords."
James Dilley - Ancient Craft UK: James is a University student, craftsman and re-enactor who specialises in prehistoric technologies, including flintknapping. He has worked with museums, schools, archaeologists, heritage centres, media (Time Team; Coast; National Geographic; The Great British Countryside), photographers and geologists in research and experimental archaeology. His outreach objective is to encourage people of all ages to learn about ancient crafts by bringing back to life, our ancestors skills and knowledge from the primitive past.
Crown Studio Gallery, the only permanent display of my work.  Gallery owner Lynda Taylor says "This is my own tiny art empire. It's both my studio space and exhibition space, where I create and show my Northumberland landscape paintings. I also sell an eclectic mix of jewellery, ceramics, glass, prints, photography and other treasures made by other one man or one woman makers. Every item has been made with a high level of skill and commitment....BUT I also look for things that make me smile."
Barter Books, My absolute favourite book shop has many extra features beyond the tens of thousands of books it offers for sale: open fires in the Winter, beloved by all. The Station Buffet with good plain food, coffee, tea and cookies. A model railway acting as a link between the book columns of the central room, along with poetry lines. Three stunning 40-foot murals. A mini-cybercafé (well, two computers!) and free wi-fi. Numerous restored station features. Generous seating. A children's room with enough toys to allow parents and grandparents to browse elsewhere in peace provided one guardian is left to look after the children! And a whole huge room lined with over forty glass cases containing many of the more interesting antiquarian books